To “Keep the Promise” on AIDS means caring about the world’s most vulnerable people. Without funding to defeat the epidemic, millions of women, children and men will be newly infected and die from AIDS—all because they cannot afford the lifesaving medicine they need.

We must not abandon the fight!

By committing to “Keep the Promise,” we can ensure money is available for programs focused on prevention and testing and guarantee Universal Access to treatment for all. Join us in urging the world to “Keep the Promise” on AIDS funding and treatment!


Worldwide Events Calendar

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Nov. 30 – AHF Eswatini, health partners, and youth will come together to form teams in sporting and recreational activities such as sack racing, tug-of-war, egg racing, athletics, and drama plays.
Nov. 28 – This year's commemoration event is in collaboration with FHAPCO, AAHAPCO, Ministry of Women, Children & Youth and Addis four facilities of Addis Ababa University.
Dec. 1 – Specific counties will be engaged for specific most at risk populations with key focuses on advocacy for increased uptake of health services, and spearhead Primary and Secondary HIV interventions for the target populations.
Dec. 2 – AHF Lesotho will celebrate with AHF supported site in Mafeteng district, taking the commemoration to the communities, at facility level, and supporting communities in the prevention journey by provision of incentives during the event to promote index testing and assisted partner notification.
Dec. 1 – AHF Malawi will hold its WAD Commemoration event in Chikwawa district and Nchalo trading center.
DATE – AHF Mozambique will conduct an event with musicians and drama group, promoting the theme Keep the Promise.
Nov. 25 - Dec. 5th – 2019 WAD shall be commemorated in the 6 AHF states, and now extends to Akwa Ibom, the latest AHF state. Testing and condom distribution campaign shall form the main thrust of the commemoration, with a sole Advocacy event taking place in Benue state that brings the reduction in the age of consent for adolescents into focus.
Dec. 1 – The national event will be a sports campaign targeting young people in the community to engage in participatory sports activity in a car- free zone in Kigali city.
Sierra Leone
Nov. 29 - Dec. 2 – In Sierra Leone, WAD activities will include mass testing, quiz competition for school clubs, candle light vigil, rally and football matches.
South Africa
Nov. 29 – AHF South Africa will commemorate World AIDS Day by Community outreach event working with partners to maximise testing and condom distribution.
Dec. 1 – AHF Uganda's event will target fisher folks, pastoralists and commercial sex workers to discuss HIV prevention and treatment, as well as the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) and how to handle of such cases.
Nov. 29 – AHF Zambia will hold an event in Kitwe to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, conduct testing and distribute condoms.
Dec. 5 – This year, AHF will host a candlelight memorial in remembrance of those who passed on due to AIDS and to support those who are living with HIV, including anyone affected by the epidemic.


Dec. 1 – The full day of celebrations will invite the High Ranking government officials, stake holders with women, girls and young people to the event to unite on promoting “Keep the Promise to Girls and Women.” The concert event with pop singers and other performances will gather young people to promote the keys messages of HIV prevention and condom, use as well as advocate for supporting girls and women.
Nov. 29 – Under the theme of "Know Your HIV Status Now," we plan to release the HIV testing promotion campaign at the tallest building of Shanghai - Twins Mall.
Dec. 1 – AHF, in partnership with NACO, will hold events including a media campaign to stress the importance of "Keep the Promise" initiatives, a Test and Treat campaign with a goal to test 16,000 people and a concert where HIV prevalence has risen that incorporates celebrities who will encourage attendees to get tested.
Dec. 1 – Indramayu, West Java's district with the highest HIV prevalence, will be the focus of World AIDS Day in Indonesia. AHF with partners and local government will hold events and conduct testing to target high-risk communities, including female sex workers, migrants and MSM.
Dec. 7 – AHF Laos together with the Center of HIV/AIDS and STI, Vientiane Capital Health Department, and others will celebrate WAD 2019 at the ITEC Mall in Vientiane Capital. We will have a mini concert, games, quiz, dancing contest, fantasy show contest, booth exhibition of partners and stakeholders, free condom distribution and free HIV testing.
Dec. 1 – The objective this year WAD event is to improve access to HIV Testing, Education and Condom Promotion under the theme of "Keep the Promise."
Nov. 27 - Dec. 3 – The events include RTP focused advocacy and marketing events to push for Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling (PITC) from AHF supported partner Hospital and ART Clinics.
DATES – The WAD celebration will make a roaring noise promoting the new MC for jails, promoting condom use in jails and among youth practicing high risk behavior. The event will also popularize the new AIDS law and its IRR to AHF sites - LGUs.
TBD – The main activities include HIV Rapid Test with general health checks, health game edutainment, safer sex and condoms stage talk, free snack boxes, hand out condoms and lubes, etc.
Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 – VAAC will conduct the National Meeting, where the event will receive the participation of several thousand people coming from different agencies from the central to community levels. After the National Meeting, there will be a parade of car and motorbikes. There will also be a Music Gala.


Dec. 1 – The event takes place in one of the biggest shopping centers in Narva, to hold an event and competition for children on the ground floor of the mall, to test on the first and second floor, and to organize HIV discussion in the bookstore café for adults or young people.
Dec. 1 – The events for WAD will be in collaboration with "Tanadgoma" using mobile laboratory for testing, as well as an event held in one of the clubs called Khidi.
Greece (City of Athens)
Nov. 29 – There will be increased information and awareness of HIV testing in the City of Athens testing site during the week of 25th November. Posters will be put up in nearby locations and flyers will be distributed.
Greece (Positive Voice)
Dec. 1 –We are going to show the red ribbon with laser light on the facade of the Greek Parliament in Athens. Testing services with the mobile unit and condoms and flyers distribution at the central squares in Athens and Thessaloniki.
Dec. 1 – We will have outdoor advertisements, handing out incentive items, and promoting the campaign on social media and radio. There will also be a roundtable discussion with PLHIV including board games, quizzes and lecture about HIV/AIDS.
Nov. 30 –AHF will host a pop-up checkpoint in the largest transportation HUB of the Netherlands, namely Utrecht central station. Within this Checkpoint we will perform HIV testing and distribute condoms and information. Secondly, we would like to organize a HIV awareness and testing day in Amsterdam Zuid-oost inviting key organisations who we have been working with us in the past to provide a presentation/workshop.
Dec. 1 – GAT initiative will be present in 3 places strategic areas: Setubal, Almada and Lisbon city for HIV testing, GAT will maintain the offer to the other infections and condom distribution. The LOVE Condom Van will be present in Setubal and Almada.
Russia (Tomsk)
Nov. 28, 29 , 30 & Dec. 1 – There will be an HIV-themed photo exhibition and an interactive theatrical show. AIDS center and TB hospital head doctors and other medical professionals will speak about HIV prevention and safe behavior, and a DJ-led party in the end.
Russia (Norilsk)
Nov. 23, 24, 30 & Dec. 1 – The event will be in the Arena shopping mall, the largest in the city. A specially designed testing booth will be set up at the location and a rotating group of healthcare specialists and volunteers will be offering educational materials and free testing to all adult visitors of the mall. Entertainment will also be provided by a group of artists.
United Kingdom
Nov. 17 - Dec. 1 – AHF UK will use the opportunities of National HIV Testing Week, European Testing Week and World AIDS Day to offer rapid HIV testing sessions in the area of Croydon and elsewhere in London and distribute LOVE condoms to target populations.
Nov. 29 OR Dec. 2 – There will be a mass testing event in the Parliament of Ukraine – Verkhovna Rada, where Members of Parliament will be testing for HIV in branded portable HIV testing point.


Dec. 1 – The activities will be in marginal districts without access to HIV tests. In Rosario, the city of Guinness Records, which still has a high prevalence of HIV, will host another large activity.
Dec. 1 – AHF Brazil will produce graffiti/art made by young people from the communities, with information on the number of the epidemic in Brazil and in the cities, as well as the rights of people living with HIV, and Keep the Promise slogan.
Nov. 15 - Dec. 15 – The Santiago Metro is an urban area of ​​great concurrence, where we will install an exhibition on the current situation of HIV and AIDS .
Dec. 2, 4 & 6 – For interventions in Cúcuta, AHF Colombia has achieved an alliance with IOM (International Organization for Migration), UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS). Events will include a Forum about migrants and HIV in the north of Santader with Venezuela, a testing campaign at the Simon Bolivar International Bridge, and a candlelight commemoration in front of the AHF Colombia Clinic.
Dominican Republic
Dec. 1 – We will conduct a campaign where we will tell the story of a real-life girl who lives with HIV, and wants others to become aware of how important it is to get tested. On World AIDS Day, we will carry out an activity where people will meet the protagonist of the campaign and there we will have free HIV tests.
Dec. 1 – The WAD will be held in partnership with local civil groups who will carry out interventions with vulnerable populations, women, girls, HsH, MTS, TRANS, Youth, through activities such as press conferences, forums, talks, tests, visits radio and television media.
Dec. 1 – Main events will be a Red Closet Health Expo and a Family Day. These events will incorporate the creative industries as it seeks to use fashion and music to create an environment that reflect this year's WAD.
Nov. 23 - Dec. 5 – Activities will include 15 testing events, opening for the office in Tijuana, and opening the Wellness Center Merida.
Nov. 25 - Dec. 5 – Red ribbon illuminations will be held in public buildings, test campaigns, press releases, and an event to remember the importance of the leaders who supported the struggle in these years.

AHF's "Keep the Promise" on AIDS

Our worldwide actions:

AHF started as a community-based hospice in Los Angeles in 1987 to care for the sick and dying and grew to become the world’s largest AIDS organization providing over 1.3 million people with care and treatment throughout 43 countries. Watch our “Keeping the Promise” documentary narrated by Academy Award-winner Meryl Streep and experience AHF’s journey to become the largest provider of HIV/AIDS care worldwide.

To help young women thrive, AHF launched its Girls Act! campaign in Africa in 2016 and focused on two main objectives: Scale-up HIV/AIDS prevention services to curb new infections; and ensure that HIV positive young people have access to treatment, retention and support services. Since this demographic accounts for over 2.4 million youth ages 15-24 currently living with HIV worldwide, the successful initiative has been expanded to many other countries where AHF works.

AHF invites you to view "Girls Act!"—a heartwarming documentary about how five young women are winning their battles against HIV and leading healthy, productive lives thanks to the knowledge and self-confidence gained through their hard work, perseverance and the Girls Act! initiative.

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons, AHF’s feature-length documentary, “DRUG$: The Price We Pay” shows how a corrupt system of corporate greed and faulty legislation allows pharmaceuticals to be the most lucrative industry in the world—from profits earned off the sick and dying.

Unless the pharmaceutical industry undergoes radical reform, “DRUG$” shows us how the entire healthcare system will inevitably collapse, leaving society overburdened and without access to quality medicine. Watch it for free at or stream it on Amazon Prime today!

AHF’s Fund the Fund campaign is an advocacy initiative to mobilize civil society by calling on major world economies to ensure the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is fully funded. It specifically focuses on wealthy countries like China—which has the world’s second largest economy yet does not contribute its fair share to the Fund. Learn more by watching this short video!

AHF continues to advocate for G20 leaders to keep HIV/AIDS and other critical public health issues high on the agenda, including financing, drug accessibility, antimicrobial resistance and neglected tropical diseases. By prioritizing these aspects of global health, the G20 can enjoy substantial benefits to the world economy in terms of equity, reduced economic distress and a healthier world for everyone. Learn more and get involved by visiting our G20 page!

Since 2015, AHF has advocated for the World Bank to change the way middle-income countries (MICs) are classified, which is used to determine what countries get donor assistance and how much is given.

Due to this classification system, countries where individuals can earn as little as $2.82 per day—or about as much as a cup of coffee—are often labeled as “middle income” and deprived of aid for vital healthcare programs and lifesaving medicines. To learn more, visit

Watch this two-minute video to learn more!

As a leading sexual health organization, we believe condoms must be readily available and affordable for everyone who needs them, because they are the most cost-effective form of prevention for sexually transmitted infections. With our creative events and electrifying advertising campaigns, we strive to promote the idea that condoms are an expression of a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about AHF-branded LOVE Condoms, visit

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